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Round-housing kicking a camera while dodging bullets since 1989!

23 August
I'm a silly, silly human being. Like most artistes I hate myself and this whole damn corporate western world of ours!! Actually, I'm generally pretty cheery, and I think the world's a pretty awesome place... and... I usually forget to hate stuff when I do find something to dislike...

So uh... pretty much a total hippy! And that's cool too, right? Right? RIGHT!?

I'm pretty much one of those overeducated people with little actual education who thinks that they know everything about anything, if you have a thought or opinion on a particular fandom (especially if it's something like Sonic or WarCraft!) then I'm probably going to tell you why you're wrong about it and how I've overanalyzed every individual frame of animation to tell you what the truth is! Don't take it personally I do it to everyone!